TOO FAR? Massive Transformation Of My Porsche GT3!  5 Mar 2022

IMG 7381 2

In our previous video we were mixing the paint, and today we have come back to check out the colours. We have three options, and I am leaning towards the lightest – option 1. But there is a curveball – tiffany blue! It is an incredibly popular colour right now, including being used on watches. It is iridescent! 

The interior we have planned for the Porsche GT3 might not work with the super bold tiffany blue. I daily this car, so I am going to pull up to Morrison’s car park with this?! What would we possible do with the interior to compliment the tiffany blue – bearing in mind I don’t live in Miami. 

This is the moment I have been waiting for! We are in the paint booth, and this is the stage that we apply the peelable base layer which goes over the whole car, adhering to the original paint that was on the car before. The car is now ready for our chosen colour. Let’s do it! 

IMG 7435 2

Seeing the finished car, we have nailed it! From the start to the completed article, it is a completely different car. One of the things I want to jump on straight away is the duck tail. When we dropped it off, it had a black duck tail because we took it off a different car. The comments were split 50/50 that we should leave it black or change the colour. With the black it would have looked great, but it looks amazing in the new colour.  

Before we pop the hood, let’s look at the lines and sculpture on top which are not on a standard GT3 991 gen 2 (that is all smooth). This is a speedster/GT3 RS bonnet, so it is fully carbon fibre, which came from Johnny at JCR. Johnny did our exhaust too, and I have been speaking with him about what other augmentations we can do.  

One of the things I wanted to get across as part of this journey was the misconceptions about peelable paint – as if it is a different product from standard paint. The one difference on this car is the whole car has peelable paint except for the bonnet – the bonnet has genuine paint which has been sanded and painted as you would with every car that you see in the workshop. You can see that there is no difference between the bonnet and the rest of the car, which demonstrates that peelable is actual paint that does not look any different. Even the hinges are painted, which is something that you do not get with a wrap. There is the option to leave the inside, but for the factory finish it is so worth it to have it painted too.  

IMG 7433 2

The reason we don’t have a badge is that carbon bonnets for a 3RS do not create a recessed slot for the shield to go. If you look on a 3RS, it is actually a sticker, which has been ordered! 

Let’s get this car outside, it is absolutely throwing it down, but I want to see how the colour changes.  

Outside, you couldn’t get any more different, which I like! The contrast under different lights means this colour will change because it is a flat and oily colour. In the tinctures that we chose we had a green, a black, a white, and a blue. All those colours will bounce differently off various lights. That is the beauty of having your own colour. 

I love the bonnet – it is so great as an addition to subtle sculpture on the car!