It's All About To Change! My Porsche GT3 Project Car Begins  4 Feb 2022

IMG 2459

Today, the fun starts all over again – we’re going full project car with the Porsche GT3! 

I’m going to take you through the first two modifications, starting with the duck tail. The parts we’ve used are actually official Porsche parts, which I love. It’s still to be painted, as the original car that the part came from was black. Although we’re yet to share with you what the final colour of the car will be, it’s due to be given a full upgrade fairly soon. The team over at JZM Porsche took charge of the sourcing and fitting of the duck tail, which also included the replacement of the fan architecture intake system.  

IMG 2461

The biggest fitment of all is something you can’t even see – it’s the full titanium system, fitted by JCR Porsche. The two most significant changes that this has given us is the sound and a huge weight saving. The factory exhaust which the JCR team pulled off was 40.2kg, and its replacement comes in at only 18.6kg. Making this upgrade came about after Jonny at JCR very kindly dropped off a 911 Speedster which he had designed a specific exhaust system for, allowing me to pick and choose from this exhaust system what I’d really like to have on my GT3. After taking it out, I discovered that I liked the exact system that he had installed in the Speedster.  

GT3 titanium system

Out on the motorway, the car sounds absolutely unbelievable. Do not underestimate the importance of sound! The noise this car can make is transformative. 

Another immediate observation is that the full rear window view has changed from the drivers’ seat. I now have this beautiful, almost panoramic view out of the back, making it entirely more practical. This car has already done 42,000 miles, and the dream is to take it all the way to 100,000, so our goal was to make it easily drivable out on roads like this. 

You’ll have to wait for the full reveal once we’ve finished the full renovation, with an entirely new interior and a bespoke paint still to come!