NEW Aston Martin DBX 707 - World’s Most Powerful Luxury SUV!  1 Feb 2022

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Over the last 18 months, I was honoured to have a very personal journey with Aston Martin, configuring a very special edition DBX.  

Today, we are here to introduce the DBX 707, as the name would suggest, that stands for 707 PS, which is just shy of 700 horsepower. This is now the world’s fastest luxury SUV! 

For those of you familiar with the front end of a DBX, look at the grill! The way they have improved this is dramatic. We are next to a titanium grey, as well as a plasma blue DBX 707. The grill difference is more prominent on the plasma blue, but the design is aggressive. It is so much more pronounced on the plasma blue car and there is much more curvature.  

The titanium grey DBX has been revised in all areas. Obviously, the engine itself is revised to get that 707 PS out of it, but importantly it’s not just power. It is not all show, no go. It also has revised suspension, revised handling, and music to my ears, there is an entirely new wet clutch gear box which is going to make the response times of shifts not only quicker, but also much sharper. This will be an interesting application, because with massive power comes massive responsibility. What they have done to control that power? Behind the new 23-inch alloy wheels is a standard set of carbon ceramic disks. These shave around 40 kilograms of un-sprung mass from the car, which in itself is awesome, but when you have a car of this size and speed, it is capable of just under 200 miles per hour!  

It is early days, but reading between the lines after speaking with the team at Aston Martin, they are planning on setting some records with this car … I will let you read into that what you will! 

This car has lots of carbon including beautiful carbon strakes. The paint job on the titanium grey has a satin/ matt finish, ensuring the sculpture of the car is highlighted well. There is carbon everywhere, even in subtle details like the extended profile from the top wing. When you stand back from it, you are given a sense of speed even when the car is stationary.  

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Now, let’s check out the rear. I am not saying the standard DBX was soft, but the DBX 707 has a twin stack diffuser also available in carbon fibre. Even though the car isn’t on a wider platform, the way they’ve added this new sculpture makes it appear lower and wider – it basically looks super mean!  

Behold the interior! First, you will notice the additional carbon fibre, starting with the instrument clusters above the steering wheel. Because I configured the specification of one of these cars, I’m picking up on every single thing that has changed, which is quite a lot.  

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Firstly, the seats – they are entirely new.  They are exclusive to this plasma blue car, which is designed to support the ethos of this car –  to hold you in place while you go really fast! There will be the option to specify Alcantara on a certain trim level. One of the things I’m really looking forward to sharing with you when we eventually get behind the wheel is the new gearbox. Combined with the Aston developed V8, it is 900 newton meters of torque, and as I mentioned, 707 PS – you can basically think of it as 700 horsepower.  

In the standard V8 DBX, the gearbox lent itself to a grand tour feel as it was a bit more relaxed. In the DBX 707 it is all designed to give a sportier experience. I drew parallels with the way that the standard DBX drive, as if it were a vantage on stilts. The way the DBX 707 bends physics and keeps the chassis flat through incredibly fast turning is remarkable. Aston are telling me they have taken that even further, and it is going to be fascinating to see how this car feels. These guys are making no bones about it, this is going to beat the likes of a Lamborghini Urus.  

They are bringing it really hard and fast with the introduction of launch control. The standard DBX does not have launch control, and I am fascinated to see how this car stacks up, because up until this car, that has been the speed benchmark in the SUV world.  

They have a new rotary selection for the driving modes. In a standard DBX you are able to press two up and down buttons to jump between driving modes, be that sport, sport plus etc. But, in the DBX 707, you can independently control the variable attributes of that. If you wanted a more lethargic, daily driving experience, but with the sport exhaust tone, you can independently configure that through the new rotary selection – very cool! 

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Let’s go over to the plasma blue car for a bit of aesthetic variation. The daytime running lights have changed, you may remember from the standard DBX that followed the contours of the air intakes – they are now horizontal strakes. The whole area flares out now, giving it a more aggressive style. The front of this car is defined by the new grill – it is so Aston Martin with that iconic grill! 

Now let’s go over what the SUV translates to…nought to sixty in 3.1 seconds! It is also class leading in head room, leg room, and boot space so it’s not like it is comprised in practicality, but for something to be that fast with that much practicality is absolutely bonkers!  

The interior of the plasma blue car gives you a flavour of how different a spec can make a car feel.  If you followed our DBX journey last year, the idea is that you can take this car to Q division, which is the section of Aston Martin that grants options which aren’t on the options list, taking the car even further. If you want to develop your own paint, you can take them a sample of your favourite colour that you find from anywhere, and they will create a paint or theme to match it!  

The plasma blue car is an interesting example of that – we have three different segments: a white stripe down the central section of the seats, with perforated leather and contrast stitching, and a gorgeous but subtle blue Aston Martin logo embroidered on the headrests. If you can think it, the guy as Q division can achieve it. Take it from me, we developed our own paint which was phenomenal, and we were the first to offer Alcantara on the inside of an Aston Martin DBX until today, when this car has launched. Super cool journey and amazing to see it being applied to such an awesome version of this car.  

This has been a quick look at the world’s most powerful, luxury SUV – the DBX 707.  

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We are going to be having a first drive in March and it will be fascinating to see how these new components add up to the ultimate SUV driving experience.  

As a quick overview, it is a completely revised 4 litre turbo charged V8. There are 420mm carbon ceramic brakes as standard. Entirely new 9-speed wet clutch gear box. New seats. Revised interior. Rolling drive. The select switch inside. Overall, a much more aesthetically awesome, and rock and roll finish to what is already an incredible SUV! 

We look forward to immersing you in the first drive of this car soon!  

NEW Aston Martin DBX 707 - Worlds Most Powerful Luxury SUV!