The NEW McLaren 765LT Spider Is UNHINGED!  25 Jan 2022

McLaren 765LT Spider

This evening we’re out at Dubai Autodrome and, as the title of this suggests, tonight is a big one! 

Old school followers of the channel may remember the first time that I experienced the McLaren LT product was in fact a 675LT, out in Tenerife, with the roof off. And this experience re-calibrated my appreciation for what a road-going car was capable of. So tonight, we’re taking on a re-run, as part two of the saga. 

In front of me is the successor to the 675LT, we have the 765LT Spider, in a fantastic heavy metallic fleck blue. Now, the significance of the LT product range is about less weight, more power and, most importantly, more engagement. For heavily turbo charged cars, they sound pretty cool. The weight difference in the Spider versus the Coupe is just 49kg. However, although this car is slightly heavier, it is in fact 20kg lighter than the 720S Spider, so this car has been given the full weight saving treatment.  

This is McLaren’s fastest ever convertible, running a 4-litre turbo charged V8 engine, at around 754hp and reaching 0-60 in 2.8s. Sitting 1388kg overall, it’s pretty good in terms of the power to weight ratio. Inside, the car boasts the iconic Senna seats, which weigh just 5kg each. 

One of the defining features of this car is the way that it stops, utilising brakes which have been developed from the McLaren Senna. Braking in this way gives you confidence in the car, and have control in the overall physics of how your car drives. Better braking = faster cars.  

Jumping behind the wheel of this beautiful car, we’re taking it out on the track with the roof up. It really is all about the brakes. The car is hyper-alert and really engaging, giving a theatrical driving experience. Even with the small amount of additional weight in there, it’s not something you notice when driving. What a platform!

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