Can £1m McLaren Senna Beat AMG GT3 Race Car?  17 Jan 2022

Senna Image 1

We’re back at Dubai Autodrome, and today’s theme is all about time. 

 My new friend Adam, who is an AMG GT3 driver visiting Dubai for the 24-hour race, have been out for a quick off-camera spin in the cars, and we ended up speculating how the McLaren Senna would fair in a real race. 

 Adam is confident that a GT3 around this track can do about 1:58:00, and we’re interested to find out how the Senna, with it’s road tyres and ‘race mode’ activated, will perform. Rather than me driving it, we thought we’d use a conveniently placed GT3 driver out on the track, to see how the Senna benchmarks.  

£1m McLaren Senna Beat AMG GT3 Race Car 2

With Adam behind the wheel of the Senna, it’s sitting around a 2:02:00. Which is mind blowing, as it’s only a few seconds off what a GT3 can achieve!  

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