Ferrari With Bugatti Acceleration - SF90 First Drive Review  10 Jan 2022

Ferrari SF90

Today we’re in the Yas Marina circuit at my favourite time of day to visit; the evening. Tonight is not only my first drive of the new Ferrari SF90, but I’m taking it out on the track rather than the streets, on the incredible F1 circuit here at Yas Marina. 

This is now effectively Ferrari’s flagship production car, and on paper it’s faster than the La Ferrari, with four-wheel drive and 1000hp, and today we’re able to put it through its paces to find out if this is the reality. Fascinatingly, the flat plane crank, turbo charged and hybrid propelled V8 engine sits incredibly low, giving a low centre of gravity. Running a 4-litre, twin turbo charged Ferrari engine, the car can be run on electric power alone if required.  

Out on the track, we’ve got the full Yas Marina circuit ahead of us. This is Ferrari’s first 4-wheel drive sports platform, so I’m excited to see how it handles when it gets up to speed.  

Predictably, 1000hp through a 4-wheel drive system feels remarkable. Although feeling slightly heavier than the standard non-hybrid brands, the numbers coming up on the screen are quite something. The acceleration is probably the most defining thing about this car. 

Being inside this car was absolutely fascinating! The closest thing I’ve ever experienced to it is a Bugatti Chiron, only it weighs a lot less, and the braking is still incredible, even with the extra weight. It’s not the most exotic sounding car, but when you’re inside of it, none of that matters, as it distorts your diaphragm under full load. 

This is an exciting look at the future of the brand, and I’m looking forward to more in the future.