This Button Invalidates My Insurance On $1.5m McLaren Senna!  6 Jan 2022

Senna Image 1

This is really a big moment for my McLaren Senna, as I’m taking it out on the Yas Marina circuit and activating ‘Race Mode’! 

The race mode function is truly when the Senna becomes the Senna; with all of the aero changing at this point, the car becomes way more stable with 800kg of downforce available. Like a fighter jet, this important button is hosted overhead, and pressing it makes the car suitable for track only, and cannot be used on roads.  

Out on the Yas Marina north circuit, this thing is an entirely different breed in its full downforce mode. By activating race mode, my insurance for the car can be affected if something goes wrong, but this experience is truly worth it! I haven’t ever experienced anything with a set of number plates that drives like this car does in race mode. It is mind bending. 

After that experience, I am even more excited to announce that we are becoming partners and brand ambassadors for Racing Unleashed. The culmination of over 12 months of talks, our partnership with this motorsport simulation company will bring you content from the best in the business, and providing true immersive driving experiences. Headed up by the incredible Monisha Kattenborn, the organisation is looking to go from simulation to real racing circuit, and we are going to be sharing that journey with them, identifying some of the world’s best racing talent along the way. 

We’ll be sharing more with you about this partnership soon, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us and some of you! 

This Button Invalidates My Insurance On $1.5m McLaren Senna! - YouTube