The Magic Answer To Faster Lap Times…  26 Dec 2021

Magic answer to faster lap times

I flew my Porsche 992 GT3 all the way out to Dubai to join me for this exciting day. It’s funny to think that the car we bought over in the UK will have its first ever track day in an entirely different continent.  

My new Porsche GT3 is in Signal Yellow, boasting a 500hp flat 6 naturally aspirated engine from the and revs to 9000rpm. This is also the first time a GT3 has been available fitted out with Michelin CUP 2R tyres on, which were previously reserved for GT3 RS models. The significance of these tyres is that they are a road legal tyre, that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on circuit, before you switch over to a track-specific tyre.  

When I say these are box fresh, I really mean it. When these tyres are brand new, they come with a releasing agent on the outside which needs to be scrubbed off in the first couple of laps, allowing them to be worn in to achieve their optimal standard.  

Out on the track, the way you can lean into these tyres is incredible, and the Dubai weather really lends itself perfectly to the driving experience, which perform best in dry weather. Even when making quite immediate direction changes, the weight transfer doesn’t upset the traction available. 

Overall, I’m as impressed with the car as I am with the tyres! Porsche have really done the job with this vehicle, and, I know I say this every time, but I just don’t know how they do it. 

What a machine! What a car! 

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