My McLaren Senna Literally BURNT OFF A Ferrari 488 Pista!  22 Dec 2021

Senna Burnt Off...

This is my first time taking the McLaren Senna on track, and I cannot believe or explain the speed or the flames. I have reviewed Senna before on the road but something about it on track is really special! 

We’re taking a whole range of cars out on the track tonight, with a solid line up, and I’ve realised that mine’s the only one which needs a really good clean! Complete with tiny cat paw marks which must have appeared whilst it was left at the hotel car park, I’ll be booking it in for some TLC as soon as possible. 

The McLaren Senna is a near 800hp V8 driver focused supercar, providing an incredible driving experience both on and off the track. But we can forget about the horsepower on this car, it really is all about the brakes which are defining. With blue flames almost a permanent feature when moving at these track speeds, with the added bonus of being able to see them from your rear-view mirror, this car is truly berserk.  

My McLaren Senna Literally BURNT OFF A Ferrari 488 Pista! - YouTube