Ferrari 812 Competizone Is Even Better Than I Dreamed! 20 Dec 2021

Ferrari Competizone 2

You’re joining me at Ferrari Dubai, where we’re kicking off the beginning of the final Grand Prix race with some awesome Italian coffee, paired with some of the best Italian cars out there. And to add to that, some of these cars are ours for the next three days! 

This place boasts some serious kit, and over 60 cars will be joining us on the drive over to the Yas Marina Circuit, to arrive at Casa Ferrari. This escapade is supported by the Dubai Police Force, who will escort us on the journey right at the front, allowing us to officially take over all three lanes of this road. 

Dubai keeps delivering on my dreams, as I’ve been given the keys to a gorgeous yellow SF90. I honestly didn’t think I’d see the day where I was able to drive an electric Ferrari, but here we are! It’s such a surreal experience, turning the car on without the theatrical symphony of a V8 or V12 engine, but being able to shift back into ‘race’ mode is also something fantastic. 

We’re heading towards what I believe will be a really special moment, as the event at Yas Marina will be one of the most exciting conclusions to an F1 championships in a long time. With the sound of the F1 cars in the background, there’s such an energy about this place now, and it is a massive honour to be part of this event. 

Hosted at a real villa, the calibre of cars at this event is incredible. Ranging from the classics to the newest models, it’s difficult to capture on camera the huge range of cars on display today.  

For me, what this event is all about is getting up close and personal with the Ferrari 812 Competizione, which has turned out to be even better than I hoped for! Ferrari’s 6.5-litre V12 has been upgraded to 819bhp and now revs up to a spectacular 9,500rpm! The dual-clutch gearbox has been recalibrated for five per cent faster shifts and the independent rear-wheel steering has necessitated a new version of Ferrari’s Side Slip Control set-up. Being 38kg lighter than the standard 812, its reworked body produces more downforce, and the aero sculpture is phenomenal. 

I’m going to keep working really hard, and one of these days, I hope I can add a Ferrari 812 Competizione to be a keeper in my garage.