Ferrari So Fast You Can’t Licence It For The Road 17 Dec 2021

Fastest Ferrari

The Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO is the fastest Ferrari I’ve ever driven! So, buckle in for the full walk-around of the car and an insight to the ultimate track experience.

The car is a masterclass in aerodynamics, the aero package enhances this, as do the specifically developed tyres, the Ferrari Challenge Slicks. The brakes are larger as well as having enhanced ABS and cooling. The only thing left to do is take it for a spin! 

Interiorly, the control wheel is detachable from the column, there is variable traction control too, the interior is fully customisable too. In terms of the drive, the immersion takes it to another level.  

The downforce on the car was astounding, and with the enhanced ABS the control was tight and efficient. The car could achieve 2.01 with optimised slicks, I was over the moon with the lap time I achieved at 2.03, and including optimised fuel levels hopefully I can shave some seconds off next time! 

NOT LEGAL! Ferrari So Fast You Can’t Licence It For The Road - YouTube