This New Dealership Only Sells AMG’s & Cakes 18 Dec 2021

AMG Store Dubai

This week we’re bringing you along to visit the world's first Mercedes AMG store, where I’ll be taking you on a walk around, to check out the luxury Mercedes cars on display out here in Dubai. With a whole space dedicated exclusively to AMG models, everything in this space is, by definition, sexy.  

At this launch event, hosted by the Gargash Group, there is a whole range of cars, ranging from Dubai Police super-vehicles all the way to a GLE 53. The idea behind these super police vehicles is to attempt to break down the barriers between the police officers and the public, making them more approachable and friendly.  

I’ve seen some impressive handover features in the past, but I’ve never seen anything quite like what they have created here. When you’re presented with your new AMG car, your keys arrive via a bespoke totem, displayed on a totally floating platform, adding an air of elegance to the whole experience.  

Speaking with a member of the team here, he told me that they’re working to make this space a “relationship place”, where AMG aficionados can gather and meet together. When the Launch Party is over, part of this area will turn into a café and restaurant, with outdoor terrace. It’s not just about cars, but about immersion in the full lifestyle and a love for the brand. 

FLOATING AMG Key! New Mercedes Car Handover! - YouTube