Win a VIP Experience at The Bunker: Competition Winner Announced 7 Jan 2022

Elliott Smith 3

We're delighted to announce that Elliott Smith is the winner of the recent “Win a VIP Experience at The Bunker” competition.

Elliott correctly answered that in the recent YouTube video, "Converting My Porsche 991 GT3 To A Touring!?", Mr JWW stated the GT3 has just clocked over 41,000 miles. 

Elliott Smith 1
This amazing prize will begin with much needed Drive Coffee and a chat with James whilst Team JWW prepare for filming. Elliott will then be presented with a signed pair of Brand JWW Sunglasses before he and his father take a front row seat in The Podcast Room to watch Mr JWW shoot his latest YouTube video.  
Once the team have completed the filming from inside The Bunker, Elliott will jump in to the Co-Driver seat as Mr JWW drives him around the track in one of his cars from The Garage.

Elliott is taking his dad as his guest because, “he is someone I can always rely on, has never let me down, has always loved his cars and motorbikes and is also a Mr JWW channel fan so will be a great way of showing my appreciation for all that he does for me. 

Elliott Smith 2

Elliott told us he entered the competition because...

“You’ve got to be in it to win it, and the chance of getting to visit the Bunker, meet James and get a passenger ride in one of his cars around a track was too good an opportunity not to apply for. Not that I ever thought I would actually win though!” 

Elliott had had just sat down in a Kwik Fit waiting area to have two new tyres fitted to his car when he got our notification that he had won. 

“I opened my email inbox and read the email about three times as I couldn’t quite believe it! I have never won any sort of competition so I was completely taken aback. I immediately rang my Dad to let him know and that he would be coming with me for the day! 

Elliott’s All time favourites

  1. What was your childhood “Poster Car”? 
    Ferrari F40, absolutely dream car for me.
  2. What car do you currently drive? 
    2009 Arden Blue Corsa VXR. I’ve owned it for 8 years and still love driving it, although being a Dad now I will have to change it soon for something a bit bigger and more practical.
  3. Which is your favourite car manufacturer? 
  4. What is the best car of all time? 
    A very difficult decision, I would have said the McLaren F1 but the looks just let it down for me. I did consider the Bugatti Veyron and Singer Porsche 911 also but for me the Ferrari F40 just edges them to the top spot. 
  5. Who is the best F1 Racing Driver of all time? 
    Michael Schumacher 
  6. What is the best “Petrolhead Moment” of your life? 
    Sat on the bank of the Porsche curves with mates watching the Le Mans 24h into the night.
  7. If you could Restomod any historic car, which would you choose?
    I’m very lucky to currently be doing just this. I’m nearing the end of restoring and modifying a 1997 300TDi Land Rover 90 Hardtop. It’s been a full nut & bolt restoration, new galvanised chassis, painted in Land Rover metallic Aintree Green, updated fuel injection pump, uprated Allisport intercooler, radiator & heater matrix, all interior and exterior lights upgraded to LED, upgraded dampers, custom front grill, bespoke cocoa brown leather trimmed seats and armrest/cubby box, Momo black prototipo steering wheel, black anodised billet aluminium exterior & interior door handles, upgraded Alpine R & Pioneer DAB sound system with amplifier and slim line subwoofer, multiple 12v & USB power sockets, heavy duty black Land Rover Wolf steel wheels with BF Goodrich K02 A/T tyres and extensive sound deadening installed. Can’t wait to finish it and get it back on the road this coming summer and explore the UK and Europe in the future and make some ever lasting memories in it. It’s been 18 months of gruelling work in my spare time so far but I know it will all be worth it.
  8. What is your favourite movie and who is your favourite actor? 
    Top Gun, needless to say in super excited for the new Top Gun film to finally be released. Tom Cruise.
  9. What is your favourite band? 
    Without a doubt it has to be Coldplay.
  10. What car would you like to see added to the Mr JWW Garage? 
    4.0L Porsche Singer 911
  11. What is your all time favourite Mr JWW car? 
    Ferrari F12 TDF
  12. What is your all time favourite Mr JWW video?  
    Driving the Aston Martin DBS to Skyfall (below), one of the best looking cars ever made, stunning Scottish scenery, V12 sound track and amazing drone shots


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Congratulations again to Elliott from Team JWW!