Unlocking Private Ferrari Event Reserved for VIP! 15 Dec 2021

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Today we’re taking out our brand-new Ferrari Portofino M, which Ferrari have kindly lent us, and get the roof down to enjoy this glorious sunshine. When I say it is ‘brand new’, I really mean it; we drove the car out of the Dubai showroom yesterday, where it only had 37km on the clock, so it’s perfectly box fresh. 

Taking this gorgeous car out on the road, it really is a beautiful experience as it effortlessly wafts up the road. In this new model, the ‘M’ stands for Modificata, and the idea behind this new release that it is sportier, with aerodynamic refinements and an overall look that appears more aggressive. One of the highlights, of the new Portofino M, especially in this warm climate, is that you can retract the roof whilst travelling up to 20kmph, in 14 seconds.  

Heading to a destination which I’ve always been fascinated by, but never been able to visit, today’s trip will take us to see Ferrari World. After seeing photos online and hearing about the experience, I still wasn’t prepared for the enormous scale of Ferrari World and how it presents itself as you drive up to it. It really is absolutely massive! 

Unlocking Private Event

Standing next to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, I can literally hear the steam coming off the wheels, as they’re sprayed with water to cool them down from the amount of heat that is generated by one trip around the track. I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to have the opportunity to get on board for a ride, but I can’t pass up this chance whilst I’m here. The acceleration at the start is ridiculous, comparable to being in a high down-force car on a crazy circuit! 

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Later in the day, we headed back to the Yas Marina Circuit, where Ferrari hosted a Passionne Ferrari event allowing owners of track only cars to bring along their vehicles, creating a club challenge environment. Packed with fantastic cars, passionate drivers and catering to keep us all hydrated and well fed, this event brings together a group of like-minded individuals, who are all invited to participate in a time challenge if they wish. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Ferrari, this is the perfect feeder programme for that. 

Look out for upcoming content, where I take out one of these magnificent cars on one of the best tracks in the world. 

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