Here's Why The NEW Porsche GT4 RS Is So Special!  10 Dec 2021


After not being at this circuit in about three years, I’m at Dubai Autodrome and it’s about to level up. I’ve been given the keys to this fantastic new Porsche GT4, which I’ll be taking out on the track just days after the GT4 RS launched, to give us a chance to compare the two and remind ourselves of its awesomeness. 

A hive of activity, the Autodrome is packed with GT cars which I’m going to use for inspiration as I plan out a mid-life refresh for my own 991.2 GT3 back in the UK, as it’s just reached 43,000 miles. Taking notes from the cars I’ve had the privilege of viewing today, I do fancy adding or changing different elements of my own model when I return home. 

One of the great things about this GT event is that they have on-hand support throughout the day, with a Michelin van set up with engineers who will come over every time cars come off the track to ensure tyre pressure is optimised. Plus, there are no rules around here on noise limits, which is why it sounds like we’re attending a race day. Each of the cars being driven comes with its own fancy exhausts, and they are being given the opportunity to show off at this event. 

Taking the GT4 out on the track, I’m taking some time to remember and share with you what it feels like to be behind the wheel of this car, in the hope that it will give us some hints towards what we’re in for with the RS. Boasting a 20-second faster lap time, the GT4 RS comes with the addition of Michelin Cup 2 R tyres, which I believe will be a huge benefit in this car. 

After feeling this chassis move, it really is no wonder that Porsche decided to make an RS version of this car. What a machine! 

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