I CRASHED! Neon Desert Safari In 2000hp Super Sand Buggies!  7 Dec 2021


Still out in Dubai, we’re back for our second dune buggy experience, alongside the fantastic desert guides who helped us out last time, when my camera man Yorkie managed to roll one of the buggies.  

This time around, we’re taking a dune buggy safari, where we drive the buggies the full 45-minute distance out on a mix of roads and desert, until we reach the expansive dunes of Dubai. With long travel suspension, these vehicles are fully set up to absorb the shocks out on the sand, and the turbo-charged, just over 200hp, engine can switch between two- and four-wheel drive depending on your chosen driving style. Although 200hp on this channel doesn’t seem like much, these things don’t weigh much and they go, and I quote, “like hell”.  


Today, I get my own buggy to set us up for a full convoy situation on the road, and the views are incredible. There’s something about being off road in a complete state of slide that’s magic and you feel like you’re floating.  

This really is the best playground in the world! Achieving a double roll down a bank wasn’t on my list of priorities today, but somehow my buggy landed back on its wheels, and I was back out on the sand in no time. The GoPro didn’t capture all the footage, but instead it spent some time face-down in the sand. Thankfully we managed to recover it before spending some time watching the sun set and gazing at the stars.

Crashed 5

My dad always reminds me that there’s more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on the earth. And being out here in the desert surrounded by both really sets the context to how small we really are. I’m ending the day feeling thankful for meeting people who want to share their culture and country, and for the opportunity to then share it with all of you. 

I CRASHED! Desert Safari In 2000hp Super Sand Buggies! - YouTube