Meet Jason & Diane, Competition Winners, Engaged to be Married! 3 Dec 2021

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We spoke to Jason Oates, recent winner of the competition to meet Mr JWW at NVN London. Jason and his fiancee, Diane entered the competition and correctly guessed the horsepower of all the cars in the Mr JWW Garage as 5,397.

They were the only entrants to get the figure exactly correct* and can now look forward to a trip to NVN London in the New Year.

It was a case of 2nd time lucky for the couple as Jason also entered our previous competition to win a pair of sunglasses. If at first, you don’t succeed...
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Upon hearing the news that he had won, Jason said:

I was shocked more than anything, you never expect to win when you enter these competitions  – then again getting the HP of multiple cars correct slims the chances down a bit!

Jason has been a long-term subscriber to Mr JWW’s YouTube Channel and his favourite videos include the recent “The Greatest Road Ever Built…Leads To Nowhere!”  from Dubai and Mr JWW’s first-drive in the Porsche GT3 RS 4.0L, shot in the Scottish Highlands.

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Jason and Diane’s  amazing prize will consist of a full tour of NVN London and the chance to get up close and personal with some of the world’s best cars. They will relax with Mr JWW in the Timothy Oulton lounge where he will become Barista extraordinaire and serve Drive Coffee throughout the day!

However, the highlight of the day will undoubtedly be enjoying a Front Row Seat to watch Mr JWW and Team JWW film a brand new episode of "In The Bay Today".

Jason’s All-Time Favourites

  1. What was your childhood “Poster Car”?
    Mclaren F1/Ferrari F40
  2. What car do you currently drive?
    21 Mini Cooper S Sport/18 Mercedes E Class
  3. Which is your favourite car manufacturer?
    Ferrari (but realistically for ownership Porsche or Jaguar)
  4. What is the best car of all-time?
    Mclaren F1
  5. Who is the best F1 Racing Driver of all-time?
    I think based on stats Lewis Hamilton, however as I’m not a Hamilton fan, I would go with Senna or Schumacher
  6. What is the best “Petrolhead Moment” of your life?
    First ride in Ferrari – I used to work in a bar while I was at university and a regular customer owned a 355 F1. They once took me for a ride on my break and allowed me to drive it back… Nothing better than the sound of a Ferrari engine, particularly with 5 valves/cylinder at 8500 RPM
  7. If you could Restomod any historic car, which would you choose?
    992 911 Turbo/Turbo S (bad boys car)
  8. What is your favourite movie and who is you favourite actor?
    Jason Statham, however favourite movie likely one of the Bonds, either Casino royale (the DBS is timeless) or Dr No/Goldfinger
  9. What is your favourite band?
    Not really a huge music fan, but for driving maybe Feeder or Guns N’ Roses
  10. What car would you like to see added to the Mr JWW Garage?
    F Type SVR convertible (I’d like to own one) or Ferrari 599 GTO
  11. What is you all-time favourite Mr JWW Car?
    Looking realistically as a ‘future owner’ either the 911 991 GT3 in grey or the DBS Manual – if were talking ‘once in a lifetime passenger ride on track’ then clearly the Senna or 911 997 GT3 RS 4.0
  12. What is you all-time favourite Mr JWW Video?
    GT3 RS 4.0 or ‘the best driving road leads to nowhere’… there are quite a few to be honest...

Jason's favourite Mr JWW Videos

FIRST DRIVE - In My NEW Porsche GT3 RS 4.0L - YouTube

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 * Correct at time of competition.