This Has Never Been Attempted Here Before… 29 Nov 2021

Never Attempted Before

We’re back in the UAE for a truly unique experience with the Mille Miglia team in the iconic Porsche GT3 RS. I have the honour of planning the route for the iconic rally to drive through all seven Emirates, which has never been attempted...

We’re going to have the world’s best classic cars all in one place of course, but excitingly there’s going to be a contemporary icons class as part of the rally, completely new to the region. As I cruise along the newly laid roadway, cutting through mountains and valleys, the team on the radio point out important landmarks and turns for mapping our route through the emirates.

The resonance of the engine in the tunnel, cored through the mountain, was a wonder to behold. I caught up with the rest of the team to mark our route points and the development of the guidebook. We’ve only been on the road for about an hour, but the scenery is so stunning and dynamic that the rally itself is sure to be a treat visually as well as an unforgettable driving experience.

I am absolutely honoured to have the Mille Miglia team up on one of my all-time favourite stretches of road, Jebel Jais, to continue our route planning. We caught up with Martin from Octanium to chat about upcoming projects and I truly can’t wait to see over 100 Mille Miglia cars on this one-of-a-kind route. 

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