New Porsche GT4 RS: First Look Of New GT3 Engine Cayman! 18 Nov 2021

New Porsche GT4 RS TWO

The new Porsche GT4 RS is finally here! Porsche have sent me the official press release of the GT4 RS, and we have the privilege of looking through and discussing all of the details right from my inbox, whilst I’m in Dubai. 

We have seen it testing on the Nurburgring for a long time now but finally we can see the official details of what is effectively a GT3 engine in a GT4. However, boasting an unbelievable 9000rpm and glorious magnesium light weight wheels, it out-performs it’s sibling, the GT4 by more than 23 seconds. 

I’m thrilled to see that engine induction air intakes behind the passenger and driver windows, are positioned strategically to circulate the incredible sound as you drive. This is quite literally music to my ears. 

New Porsche GT4 RSAnd the incredible statistics don’t stop there; the GT4 RS is capable of doing 0-62 in only 3.4 seconds, with a top speed of 195mph. This is a real swan-song moment for this lineage of car, with its revised aero, weight saving and an ultra-fast twin-clutch PDK gearbox. 

With prices starting at £108,370, the new Porsche GT4 RS is on sale from this week, with the firs cars arriving in UK & Ireland for Spring 2022. 

I am delighted to confirm that we have one of these machines joining The Garage next year, and I can’t wait to test it out!