Nikolas Mastranonakis, Early Fan and Competition Winner 19 Nov 2021

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We spoke to Nikolas Mastranonakis, one of five winners in our recent Brand JWW Sunglasses competition. 

We asked the JWW Co-Drivers to send in a picture of themselves featuring their pair of Brand JWW Sunglasses in the most epic locations. 

We were inundated with entries for all over the globe and Nikolas quickly sent in a picture of his sunglasses on holiday at the beach in Lefkada, Greece.

Reflecting on his photo entry, Nikolas said: “The picture (above) means a lot to me as I hadn’t been on holiday in two years due to lockdown plus the scenery was stunning”

Nikolas’ entry made the top 10 as chosen by Mr JWW himself. He was then pitched against another picture in a winner takes all shoot-out on social media. 

After a voting frenzy, where other Co-Drivers were able to vote for their favourite photo, Nikolas won with 67% of the vote, and choose a brand new pair of Brand JWW Larvatto sunglasses as his prize. 

Nikolas 2Upon winning his new sunglasses, Nikolas said:

I was thrilled! I really love the product and I have been a follower since day one. I have been wearing them daily and during the weekends! You will see me wearing them all the time. I can’t live without my sunglasses.” 

Nikolas has been a fan of Mr JWW since the beginning, “I was one of the first couple of subscribers when Mr JWW started the channel! Mr JWW’s videos are amazing. The experiences are in a different ballpark compared to others and the quality is top notch. Looking forward to what’s next!" 

His favourite videos include Mr JWW driving the Ferrari F12 TDF up Mount Etna (below) and he enjoyed the recent Senna and GT3 content 

In terms of favourite cars, it’s definitely Porsche for Nikolas. “It always has been. Probably now my favourites are the 992 GT3 and the new GT4 RS. The price for the package you get is on another level.

"Although I also really like the idea of experiencing a Senna some day...” 

Nik olas 4Nikolas has just moved to the UK for work reasons and, on his first weekend in the UK, decided to take a road trip to NVN London. He takes up the story, “Afa saw me outside and invited me in. He gave me a tour of the facilities and we looked around the cars. I told him I had won the sunglasses and asked him to take a picture with one of the cars to send to Mr JWW (above). He also let me know that I can visit anytime I want for a coffee! 

Congratulations Nikolas, enjoy your glasses and stay tuned for many more videos from Mr JWW! 

All-Time Favourites...

  1. What was your childhood “Poster Car”?
    Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale 
  2. What car do you currently drive?
    Porsche 997 Carrera S Cabriolet manual, crème on truffle brown interior + Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2021
  3. Which is your favourite car manufacturer?
  4. What is the best car of all-time?
    Carrera GT
  5. Who is the best F1 Racing Driver of all-time?
    Ayrton Senna for the old generation + Lewis Hamilton for the new (you can’t compare those eras)
  6. What is the best “Petrolhead Moment” of your life?
    Meeting James in Monaco during Top Marques Monaco in 2017. It was a bucket list trip.
  7. If you could Restomod any historic car, which would you choose?
    Pretty much a Singer is my idea of a Restomod 
  8. What is your favourite movie and who is you favourite actor?
    Car movie is Tokyo Drift or Overdrive, in general The Wolf Of Wall Street is my favourite movie 
  9. What is your favourite band?
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers 
  10. What car would you like to see added to the Mr JWW Garage?
    I would love to see James add a BAC Mono
  11. What is your all-time favourite Mr JWW Car?
    Probably the 992 GT3 
  12. What is your all-time favourite Mr JWW Video?
    Driving up Mount Etna 

Driving The Ferrari F12 TDF Up An Active Volcano! - YouTube

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