Bugatti Chiron Of The DESERT! 1500BHP Super Buggy!  16 Nov 2021

1500BHP Super Buggy! 

I’m currently out in Dubai for the best part of six weeks, and it’s incredible the amount of things we’ve managed to cram into that small space of time. Today I’m being chauffeured into the desert in a gorgeous Rolls Royce Cullinan black badge, with a matte paint finish, to try out an activity which has been a dream of mine for a long time. 

Out on the sand dunes, I’ve been strapped safely into an incredible 150bhp super buggy, for an experience I’ll never forget. What can only be describes as the most fun I’ve had on four wheels in a long time, hitting these unbelievable dunes and all I can see is blue sky all around. 

The buggy is fitted with a 5-speed gear shifter, connected to a twin turbo charged 7.2l V8. But even more special is the turn brake, which makes it super agile and capable of the most extraordinary turns on the dunes. 

Even my adventurous camera man flipping over one of the buggies, after only driving it for five minutes, didn’t put an end to our fun. The expert team have heaps of experience in resolving these types of situations, managing to turn the buggy the right way up using a carefully engineered towing set-up.  

We left the sandy slopes with our shoes filled with sand, after creating the greatest memories with the Supercars Majlis team. This really has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, and the drivers have put the biggest smile on my face!