Worlds First Drive Of NEW Yas Marina Circuit - Ferrari 458 Speciale! 14 Nov 2021

Ferrari 458 Speciale! x 2

Welcome to my second day in Dubai, where you’re joining me at a historic moment, as we’ve been invited to drive the brand-new layout of the Yas Marina Circuit on its opening night. The new layout has been intricately designed to provide a more entertaining drive, and I’ll be taking on the track before even F1 drivers touch the tarmac. 

I’m going to back-to-back drive two of the coolest naturally aspirated cars that have been made in recent times, starting off with a gorgeous Miami blue Porsche GT3 RS. You can tell by the smile on my face that the experience is phenomenal; the track has some similarities to its predecessor, however the changes are significant and will make a huge difference to the speed overall. 

Moving on to the Ferrari 458 Speciale, what I’m really interested in is testing out the new Cup 2 R tyres which are a new addition since I last drove this car. The light, agile steering lends itself perfectly to this new track, playfully taking us all the way up to 9000rpm. After driving it, I’m certain I need to get one of these for myself! 

What a circuit! They have adapted this predominantly for F1, to make overtaking easier and the overall drive experience more interesting, and it’s safe to say they succeeded.  

Now, I’m off to get myself a Speciale to add to my collection!