Just Another Day In Dubai!  11 Nov 2021

Just Another Day In Dubai! 3

I’ve touched down in Dubai, and I’ve managed to visit the new NVN, which is three times bigger than the London facility, collect my new Lamborghini and take a tour on a super yacht all within my first 24 hours in the country! 

Picking up my ride for the first few days, we’re visiting Lamborghini after only having landed 8 hours ago. A massive thank you to Lamborghini and Lamborghini Dubai, for this gorgeous Urus, which I’ll be cruising around in for the rest of my time here. 

Out on the road, the car sounds phenomenal and takes us to park up at a dock for an incredible super yacht experience.  

Just Another Day In Dubai!

Viewing the most incredible sunset around the Dubai skyline, we’ve packed so much into the first half day, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of this Dubai experience with you soon!