THE BEAST! UK's Most Powerful Mustang With WILD Exhaust! The CS850 9 Nov 2021


Well, I am honoured to introduce you to the UK’s most powerful Mustang with a WILD exhaust and, of course, a 5L V8 engine packing an astonishing 850hp. 

The engine sound is out of this world, and under the hood, the super charged unit is where the magic happens. This special Clive Sutton edition is nearly double the horsepower of the stock factory edition, and the spec is the definition of a full upgrade. 

One of the most striking features of the CS850 is the quad active x-force exhaust, lending to that distinctive sound. Aesthetically, the carbon fibre bonnet and exposed features lend a rugged yet modern look and is extremely lightweight. The 20-inch alloys, paired with specific brake pads, anti-roll bars for enhanced bracing and revised suspension, all provide the support for a mighty 850hp.  

In terms of the drive, we have normal, sport plus, racetrack, drag race and snow/wet modes to name a few. On the open road, its presence is unmistakable. The torque is solid and maximal at 902 metres, and the gear shift clean and effortless. I shifted into wet mode and the car handled well despite the conditions, ironically, it is an extremely pleasurable drive even at slower speeds. However, when the exhaust valves open, it is a complete head turner.  

The traction control is excellent for maintaining speed, particularly in wet mode, which is a crucial factor to consider when driving supercars on damp roads in the UK. The Mustang exceeds all expectations in wet weather conditions, which other supercars with similar levels of torque and horsepower would struggle with.  

Best of all, the appearance of this American beast in the British countryside is a thrilling juxtaposition. Stay tuned for the next Mustang video.   

THE BEAST! UK's Most Powerful Mustang With WILD Exhaust! The CS850 - YouTube