The Most James Bond Upgrade For My Aston Martin DBS!   7 Nov 2021

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I’m back to Aston Installations to visit my beautiful Aston Martin DBS, after I dropped it off with them around a year ago for a game-changing upgrade.  

Following a flood of phenomenal feedback over the last few months, Aston Installations have developed something incredibly cool, which will revolutionise the user experience of the DBS. In order to improve the grand tourer experience that this car was made for, Aston Installations have created their own bespoke HD screen to be installed into my car, which integrates with a fully wireless Apple CarPlay. 

To access everything, my poor car had been taken to pieces internally, but I had full faith that it would be restored fully and be even better than before, once the expert team finished up with it. This navigation and music playing system has been fully custom made; from developing a software which integrates with the current DBS set up, to fitting the screen into the car, the team at Aston Installations have worked tirelessly to produce an incredible product. 

Taking my Aston Martin DBS back out on the road, the idea is ultimately to use this car a lot more and stretch its legs on some road trips. The new upgraded screen feels fantastic and I’m truly thankful to Aston Installations for this incredible work. 

The Most James Bond Upgrade For My Aston Martin DBS! Back To The Lab! - YouTube