Special Delivery! NEW Koenigsegg Regera Finally Arrives!  29 Oct 2021

Koenigsegg REGERA

This Regera is extra special for me, as I had a hand in the design of this car; from the colour theme, to the colours and the extras. Creating this has been over two years in the making, requiring a lot of love and a big collaborative effort to create something that is so much more than a car.  

One of the most unique features of this car is that it boasts only one gear, capable of putting out 1500hp and reaching absolutely bonkers speeds. Even though the ethos of the car is a luxury item, the week that we filmed this video, it happened that the Koenigsegg Regera beat a lap time currently held by the McLaren Senna by one second in Sweden, exemplifying the fact that it really is fast! 

Koenigsegg and Michelin have always worked very closely together to get the best possible performance out of their cars, and the work on the Regera is no different. Not only do these wheels look incredibly sexy, but these Michelin 2 tyres are mounted on a carbon fibre air core wheel, boasting over 20kg of weight savings against a standard wheel. Adding a paint protection film to these incredible carbon fibre wheels gives a shield against scratches and build up of dirt.  

Taking a look at the main colour theme of the car, it incorporates three main colours: blue black and orange. The deep, rich metallic blue is the standout of these, covering the main body of the car, with orange pearlescent highlight accents on the exterior tying in beautifully with the volcano orange leather interior. The third colour might appear black, but it’s actual exposed carbon, a material which runs through every body panel on this Regera. 

Exposing the gorgeous interior by removing the roof with complete ease and storing it inside a unique carbon fibre cave, we can behold an entirely transformed machine. The matte carbon dashboard reduces glare when driving, contrasts beautifully with polished carbon elements scattered throughout the interior finish.  

The way that you interact with the Regera is unique, fully controlled through an interactive screen in the middle of the dashboard. Including altering seat position, customising the lighting in the interior, accessing parking cameras and accessing the charging port, this car is entirely customisable through the options on this centralised hub.  

I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to share this car with you, but I think you’ll agree that it would have been a crime not being able to share this creation with my fellow petrol heads.