This Is Why I Bought Two Porsches And Two McLarens In One Month! 8 Oct 2021


Today we’re introducing four amazing supercars; the Porsche 992 GT3 as our new track car, and the 997 GT3 4.0 as a modern classic counterpart. Of the McLarens, we have the iconic Senna as a track car and the 720S as our new project car!  

Having gone through the first drives on all four, it’s only right that we delve a bit deeper into these amazing models.  


The 720S is the opening project vehicle for our new series. In the long-term though, we’re planning on transforming our 720S to about a 900S, meaning it’ll go from 710hp to about 900hp – no mean feat! The velocity edition shines through via the gradient paintwork, and we just knew this was the perfect time to introduce it to the channel. 


The Senna is already about 800hp, so we’ll have to see if the 720S can match it. The Senna, however, comes into its own through its colossal downforce. It genuinely is a road car that is unbelievable on the track. Its sculpted bodywork is a beauty to behold, and although it has so many individual panels, the weave lines up perfectly.  


The RS 4 .0L is a true modern classic and marks the launch of our series. It’s widely acknowledged as one of the greatest 911s ever made, and to be honest, it’s one of my dream cars. It’s a true analogue driving experience which sets it apart among the modern classics. It really does embody pure driving pleasure.  

Finally, we introduce the 992 GT3. Thanks to Porsche Perth, we managed to get a bespoke paint package, and despite its road bias, we will most definitely be using this one on the track. The twin clutch gearbox is going to provide a really unique driving experience for both road and track, and once the run-in period is complete, there is no doubt that it’ll be a force to be reckoned with on any surface.  

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