£100 MILLION CAR DAY - The UK’s Most Expensive Collection! 25 Sep 2021

SuperCarDRiver 2021

This summer I spent some time at the 2021 SCD (Supercar Driver) Michelin Secret Meet at the Donnington Race Circuit. An event which initially was exclusive, but now it seems that the secret’s out, as there’s around 500 mind blowing cars here. This impressive collection could be the UK’s most valuable collection of cars, and I had the privilege of taking a look around them. 

The fantastic collection of cars available at this event is incredible. From a 918 Spyder to a Porsche 992 GT3, La Ferrari Aperta and Bugatti Veyron, everywhere you look there is something obscenely cool to check out. Walking around these beauties, we’re taking some time to total up the value of the cars available at this remarkable event. 

To provide a deeper look at the driving experience, I had the opportunity to get on board the Jaguar XJ220 LL, which is effectively a race car for the road. With its own attachable cup holder, which sits right inside the driver door, it really is otherwise a full-blown race car. The car is defined by its torque, and as a result, you almost feel like you’re short shifting through it, providing this intense driving experience. 

Taking a walk over to the Bugatti collection, the Bugatti Divo stands out like something truly special. When we talk about rare cars, this one ticks all of the boxes; with subtle blue tinted carbon and opposing designs on the driver and passenger seat, this car is a true work of art.  

A huge thank you to SDC for putting on this incredible event and gathering cars of such serious calibre in one place. Ending the day on a true high, looking out over the huge sea of cars spread out across the tarmac, it’s clear that this collection really is one of the most expensive in the UK.

£100 MILLION CAR DAY - Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Joins The UK’s Most Expensive Collection! - YouTube