The UK’s Best Road in My New McLaren MSO 720S 10 Sep 2021

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The McLaren MSO 720s Velocity is finally with us in the garage!  After a brief interlude with an alternative model, we finally ordered the 720s Velocity Edition.  

In terms of aesthetics, one of the most striking features is the unique paint gradient, running from a dark to a lighter red, with a solid paint to translucent lacquer revealing the carbon weave of the bonnet. Showcased at the Geneva Motorshow in 2017, this definitely contributed to the car’s overall wow factor.  

Another unique design feature, which initially people weren’t sure about, was the hollow headlight casings. However, they act like induction chambers for the radiators that sit behind them, blending practicality and ergonomic design. Best of all though, the 360 surround of glass panelling ensures maximum immersion in your outside environment.  

McLaren 720 MSO V2

So, onto the first drive. We unleashed the McLaren on one of the most picturesque roads in the UK, in the Highlands of Scotland. As one of our project cars, we are hopeful that the 720s will end up being a 900ps in time! 

The difference between this and the Senna, is the day-to-day usability of the car. The suspension is refined and the performance value of the vehicle, per pound, is hard to beat. 

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The acceleration is mind-bendingly powerful and throttle response near seamless. Thinking back to my first drive back in Geneva, it feels every bit as powerful now as it did then.  

The most unique attribute, its defining USP, is its sheer range of capability. The gears are almost telepathic, but the 720s performs just as well in automatic. The lightness of the body means the torque is outstanding, and the effortless surge of the drive makes for an exhilarating touring experience. Pair that with the hydraulic steering rack, it creates a solid, stable anchor point amidst its overwhelming power.  

Stay tuned to see the 720s Velocity’s ongoing alterations and follow the rest of our project car series!  

UK’s Best Road! In My New McLaren MSO 720S - YouTube