Concours of Elegance: Past, Present & Future 10 Sep 2021

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I was very privileged to be a part of the fabulous Concours of Elegance 2021 at Hampton Court Palace last week and, whilst there, to be interviewed by Jodie Kidd for an episode of “The Chubb Interviews”

Concourse of Elegance 3

At the annual Concours of Elegance, 60 of the world’s rarest and most beautiful cars, ranging from the very earliest pioneering models to the present day are brought from around the world to compete for the highly coveted ‘Best of Show’ award.

Concourse of Elegance 2

Uniquely, the Concours of Elegance winner isn’t selected by a panel of judges but by the owners of the cars themselves. Each participant is asked to vote on the other models on display to decide which car is considered to be the ‘Best of Show’.

Concourse of Elegance 1

The winner was a timelessly beautiful Voisin C27 Aérosport, an Art Deco masterpiece from 1934 which you can view at the Concours of Elegance Facebook Page.

In addition almost 20 other cars charting the full evolution of luxury and innovation in the automotive sector over the last 120+ years were winners of category awards.  You can view the full, historic, list here.

Concourse of Elegance 6
As the day developed it was great to catch-up with so many JWW friends, partners and colleagues to celebrate the past, present and future of the motoring industry.

Thinking of the evolution of the industry and, as part of my interview with Jodie, I was asked to talk about my “One Piece At A Time”, a regular item within the Chubb podcast.

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I chose my dad’s skid lid which lives in my office. It means nothing to anyone else and  probably has zero value, but if it were to go missing it would break my heart.

In time, I would like to pass it on to my little boy. It shows how long the love of cars has been in our family and it is a real source of inspiration to me.

I hope it can be for him too.

Banner image from the Concours of Elegance Flickr page.