The Greatest Collection Of Hypercars The UK Has Ever Seen 24 Jan 2021

UK's Greatest Car Collection

In October 2020, amidst the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, the most unlikely of events managed to take place at Donington race circuit. Each year Supercar Driver - a members club for supercar enthusiasts - arranges their annual "Secret Supercar Meet" a tradition that once was somewhat of a secret but lately attracts over 1000 cars from all over the UK to celebrate this wonderful car culture we all enjoy so much. Unsure if it would happen this year the invites ultimately hit our inbox a little late in the season but with steely determination and a glovebox full of face masks and hand sanitiser the event went ahead.

Bugatti Divo Joins THE Greatest Hypercar Drive The UK Has EVER Seen!

Unsure if it was simply well organised or if the sheer depression of 2020 gave need to all the supercar owners of the UK to come out and play but, this was a gathering like no other the UK has seen before. Credit to Supercar Driver for hosting such a special moment for the car community in 2020, it wouldn’t have been easy and it was something we all needed but, more impressively, was the calibre of the cars that attended. I would love to describe each one in detail but this otherwise bite-size article would soon become a nerds novel of automotive affliction. So instead - please enjoy the video (above) which hopefully immerses you in just how special the turnout of supercars and hyper-cars really was on this chilly afternoon in October.