Porsche GT3 - The Most Versatile Of Sports Cars? 24 Jan 2021

Drifting and cycling - why not both?

For anyone not joining us from the MrJWW YouTube channel - firstly hello and welcome! But secondly this is the next instalment in the story of the Porsche (991) GT3, a car that I have gone on record saying i'll run to 100,000 miles on the channel and take you along for each step of the way because, how well will an engine that was essentially taken from a racing car, that revs to 9,000rpm with 500bhp last as a daily driver over 100k miles with a fair share of track days and road trips in between? Let's find out!

Porsche 991.2 GT3 Drifting

Today however i'm pushing it's boundaries in another direction - it will be my 'practical' car in the morning to take me mountain biking and in the same day i'll load it back up to drive over to a racing circuit to go drifting.

Drifting and cycling - why not both?

I'm pretty convinced the GT3 is the most 'complete' sports car out there, I literally use it as a daily driver, one day I’m doing the weekly shop in it and the next day I’ve driven through the UK, into France, Belgium and on to Germany for a week long session at the Nurburgring - all while listening to music on a brilliant sound system and taking phone calls while being navigated by Waze via Apple CarPlay. 

MrJWW Porsche GT3

In my 18 month ownership the car has completed twelve track days, four of which were at the Nurburgring during the hottest days on German record and still the GT3 didn’t flinch or falter - the only consumables being tyres (4 sets) and one set of brake pads - really not bad after that amount of track time. 

MrJWW in the GT3

In today’s video I’m trying something a little different so I thought I’d capture some of it on film and take you along for the ride… 

Porsche GT3 Track to Trail