Koenigsegg Regera - First Drive In The £1.5m Hypercar

I've had the honour of driving some special cars over the years, but there is something extra special about being the first to drive a new car outside of the few that actually designed it. That is exactly what happened on a sunny Saturday in the UK during the Goodwood Festival Of Speed when I teamed up with Koenigsegg, Michelin and the very kind owner of a new Koenigsegg Regera!

Below is the full video as to what it's like being handed the keys to the latest greatest Koenigsegg by Christian Von Koenigsegg himself, but here is a quick over view... 

The Regera is the worlds first 'Direct Drive'  - aka single gear - hypercar. It has 3 electric motors, 2 on each rear wheel and one on the direct drive to aid both propulsion and ignition. These 3 electric motors generate 700hp combined which is before the 5.0L twin turbo charged V8 kicks in - contributing to the over all 1500hp and - wait for it - 2000nm torque!

The spec of this particular Regera is classy and refined, a combination of a green exposed carbon against a luxurious tan interior. In the sunshine the carbon weave pops with distinction through the green lacquer while the removable carbon roof stows neatly away in the bonnet.

The sound of the engine is as unique as the ethos of the car it's self. It kicks in to life with the obvious roar of the bass heavy V8 but underneath there is an electronic undertone a kin to something from a sci-fi movie. It's Tesla meets Brabus with a lot of very clever engineering stitching it all together. 

Here we go... 

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