NEW Porsche GT3 - Taking Delivery On The North Coast 500!

By convention new car collections typically take place at a shiny showroom under spotlights and manicured surroundings for maximum impact when the covers are removed from the car for your eyes to feast on the shiny new bodywork in all it's glory!

Also by convention, car show rooms are typically located either on some form of industrial estate or smack bang in the middle of a busy city centre, meaning you immediately pull out of the show room in your new car and into busy city traffic or off onto the nearest motorway from said industrial estate. 

So, instead of my first miles in the GT3 being on the M6, I sent the car to the Scottish Highlands to join Porsche UK on an official drive along the North Coast 500 for an event celebrating 70 years of Porsche! 

Here's the full video of the most incredible run in period I could have imagined! 

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