Be A YES Man

While I try to upload as much content as I can on my YouTube channel, often times i can't always share the working i'm doing outside of YouTube unless the brand i'm presenting or filming for gives me permission or is simply looking for extra exposure off the back of our project together. 

On a recent project where I was presenting a commercial for the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, I had free reign to film and share the whole project, which was really cool because you wouldn't believe the travel, work and technology that goes into producing content for some of these big brands, it's incredible to be part of! 

Anyway, on this particular shoot I was hanging around filming some B-roll for my vlog in one of the most picturesque locations I had ever seen. It was this perfectly quaint little fishing port on the coast of Croatia that made me step back and think for a second just how lucky I was to be living and working the way I was in that moment. 

And so in that little port I was inspired to share an outlook and a method that I have applied in life over the last few years that has certainly helped me live this incredible life. I hope it inspires you too! 

Check out the full video below... 

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