Why I Delayed The Launch Of MrJWW.com

12 months ago I began building the first iteration of the all new MrJWW.com website and to gain an indication of interest I mentioned it very early on across all my social media platforms to great engagement and 1000's of people registering their emails on the 'Coming Soon' landing page. 

During the build of the first iteration of this website I began trying to populate the various pages with text and imagery to help summarise what MrJWW was all about, what it actually stood for and the culture it represents - and all of a sudden I hit a stumbling block. It was too early!

I knew it involved cars, sure, but outside the obvious I wanted it to stand for more and to have a lot more quality content in place to really solidify it's place in the world. So I took a step back and pushed really hard into 2017 with the goal of discovering what this incredible journey meant to me and what it was that had excited and united so many passionate petrol-heads to join the YouTube channel in the first place. Importantly I wondered how the next step of MrJWW becoming a brand could truly embody that movement and represent all of us like minded adventurers and car lovers. 

12 months on, hundreds of videos and millions of views later, I believe both myself and MrJWW subscribers have a better understanding of what this brand is all about. Cars, sure - but adventure, travel, dreaming big and pushing boundaries! 

And so the blog is back! Quality clothing to represent drivers and dreamers is here and we now have the beginnings of a proper home for all things MrJWW! 

The blog is really important for me for two reasons; firstly for those of you who may not know the very very early days of MrJWW, it was actually a blog long before the videos ever started! I wrote about and photographed cars before I started filming them, so it's really cool to bring this medium back with a bang!

Secondly, it is a new avenue in which to share all of the things you don't see on the YouTube channel. The hotels, the intricate discussions and details, locations of the roads we drive, how we travel and the people involved in some of the incredible projects I find myself sharing.

As mentioned there is so much more to this than just the cars, it truly is a way of life with a strong culture and movement in every country I visit. There is so much to share and now we're doing it together with a sense of direction i'm proud of. 

So to everyone who has been waiting forever for this website I am sorry it took so long, thank you so much for your patience and I hope you think it was worth it. 

There is so much more to come but i'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below! 


James | MrJWW 

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