The World's Fastest Audi R8

There are fast cars and then there are race cars and the latter really opens your eyes to what real speed in a car is all about and just how much room for improvement there is in your own driving ability! I recently flew to Barcelona to spend time on the Circuit De Catalunya with the Audi R8 V10 Plus fitted with the new Performance Parts on the car. The Performance Parts for the Audi R8 V10 Plus is a selection of upgrades that improve downforce and braking performance on the standard car, essentially an aero kit with brake pads and brake fluid upgrade for better track performance - despite sounding like a fairly minor upgrade on paper i was genuinely shocked at the difference driving the standard V10 Plus and the Performance car back to back - mostly through the amount of stability under heavy braking. 

MrJWW Audi R8 V10.JPG

However despite countless laps tearing around Circuit De Catalunya in the upgraded R8 I was then graced with the organ bending experience of a few hot laps in an R8 GT3 LMS....Behold the sensation of a thoroughbred race car...

R8 LMS GT3.jpg
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