The New Rolls Royce Phantom 8

The lifespan of the previous generation Phantom 7 was a whopping 14 years! So to say the launch of a new Phantom doesn't come along too often would be somewhat of an understatement. Rolls Royce invited me out to Switzerland for the dynamic debut of the Phantom 8 to enjoy the car amongst the snow capped Swiss Alps.

Rolls Royce Phantom 8.JPG

The Phantom 8 has been referred to as "the quietest car in the world" and "the best car in the world" and while the latter may be subjective, it's internal decibel level is something to behold. Combined with all 900nm of torque from it's new twin turbo V12 engine, the initiation of momentum in the new Rolls Royce Phantom IIIV is how I imagine levitation may feel like. It's lack of friction and ultra low level road noise is a sense of occasion in itself, and from 0mph to around 40mph the car moves in virtual silence. It is something you really have to experience to appreciate.

Rolls Royce Phantom IIIV.JPG

Before we get to the full video of the Phantom IIIV there is a stand out, world first feature that needs to be discussed! Rolls Royce has always been synonymous with outstanding levels of customisation and bespoke creations, from matching the paint of a Wraith to the colour of a princesses nail polish, to complimenting the exterior of ones Superyacht to that of your Ghost - the atelier stories are stuff of legend.

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With the Phantom 8, Rolls Royce have elevated the state of bespoke artisan options to an entirely new level with the addition of an art gallery inside the car. Yes, you read that correctly. In the passenger side dashboard of the car, Rolls Royce have created a hermetically sealed glass case in which to install literal works of art within the car itself. Rolls Royce already offer some pretty cool options such as 3D printed 24 carat gold installation but expect Damien Hirst and Banksy to make an appearance in a Rolls Royce soon! 

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Check out the video below to get a complete picture of the stunning location and driving impressions... 

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