Audi RS6 Akrapovic Exhaust By Audi Sport

Aftermarket exhausts. The clue is in the name that the fact they aren't developed or approved by the original manufacturer can at times position you and your car in a precarious position should a warning light appear on the dash or something actually go wrong with your car once said exhaust is fitted. 

As a general rule, manufacturers - or should i say dealerships of manufacturers - don't like aftermarket exhausts fitted to their beloved cars. In the past I had a Sharkwerks bypass fitted to my Porsche 991 GT3 because it didn't invalidate the warranty, being a bypass it essentially just slipped on to the existing system 'bypassing' a silencer. Porsche liked it - I loved it - everyone was happy. 

The Ferrari F12 I augmented with an IPE exhaust, my dealership wasn't overly happy about it but I eventually talked them around to fitting it so it was 'approved' (and they could charge me double) and we installed the new exhaust from the cross-pipe back so as not to upset the ECU by tampering with the headers. 

So, what to do with the Audi RS6? As chance would have it - there is something really cool going on at Audi right now. The iconic 'Quattro' branding was originally applied to fast and capable cars that rolled out of the Audi factory, but recently Audi has gone through somewhat of a rebrand and now anything fast that comes out of Neckarsulm falls under the newly applied 'Audi Sport' brand. I believe the idea is to draw closer correlation between RS road cars and Audi's actual racing cars that originated from 'Audi Sport' 


Anyway, now the context is out of the way, it just so happens there is a fine exhaust manufacturer called Akrapovic who specialises in titanium systems and makes exhausts for Audi's LeMans GT3 race cars! So as part of this new brand strategy Audi Sport has teamed up with their racing affiliate - Akrapovic - to make official Audi approved systems for various RS cars - the Audi RS6 being one of them.

RS6 Performance MrJWW.JPG

So despite all i've said above, In a nut shell i went with the Akrapovic system because it maintains the warranty, is made from titanium saving 8kg over the old system looks cool! 

Here's the video! 

RS6 Exhaust MrJWW.JPG
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