Hyper Highlights | The Best Of December 2017

A new roundup series begins! Hyper Highlights is a video summary distilling the best of each month on the MrJWW YouTube channel. This being the very first of the Hyper Highlights series admittedly spans a little wider than just December but the supercar scene these past few weeks has been INCREDIBLE. Enjoy! 


I realised the truly exceptional bucket list moment of driving a real Renault Formula 1 car! The Audi RS6 gets an new Akrapovic exhaust. Hyundai offered me a ride in their WRC Rally car. We visit Switzerland with the all new Rolls Royce Phantom 8, Fly to Dubai and collect a Lamborghini Huracan, drive to Abu Dhabi with a Porsche GT3 RS for a Yes Marina track night.


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