My Porsche GT3 Gets A Sharkwerks Exhaust

My first Porsche 991 GT3 was throughly enjoyable with a Sharkwerks exhaust fitted, but with my new GT3 I wanted to live with the car for a few months before fitting the bypass so I could really feel the difference between the stock system and the new Sharkwerks exhaust.

The Gen 2 GT3 has many upgrades but the biggest is the engine. The power is now up to 500bhp with more torque throughout the entire rev range, but essentially the engine in this car is the foundation of the Porsche Cup car engine making it sound incredible even with the stock exhaust system.

I felt however, that despite the acceleration tone sounding awesome, it was actually the downshifts of the Porsche system that were a little flat and lacking engagement. Here is what the new system sounds like…

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