Sun's Out Funs Out

Summer has been practically nonexistent in the UK this year which, from a car point of view, hasn't been a huge issue because there is something quite satisfying about crushing through rain and dirt in the R8, honestly! It somehow feels at home in the face of grime and is strangely rewarding to plough through it all in a car coming from a category that typically shies away from muddy roads. 

Toward the end of September however, out of nowhere the sun drenched the country in one last attempt at Summer - and all just a few days after delivery of the F12 - perfect timing! So we took the beast out to stretch it's legs properly for the first time and headed to Daylesford - the mothership of organic eateries just outside the Cotswolds, a perfect hours drive away.

The F12 has yet to have it's paint protection film applied so i'm keeping a distance from other cars to save the stone chips - following other supercars in particular is a killer for sand blasting the front of your car!

The R8 in particular is a mobile sand blaster! I'm not sure if it's the extra fat tyres or the way the air exits the rear diffuser but everything about the back of the R8 is mean to other cars. In the rain the rooster tail is 10 feet tall and it chews up grit and spits it out of the rear like a shotgun. Needless to say I made a conscious decision to stay back from it on the journey. Rosso Berlinetta is not a paint you want to chip, triple layer paints are typically the hardest to rematch and re paint! 

Ferrari F12 MrJWW

Daylesford is an organic farm in Gloucestershire with a passion for real food, straight from their farm direct to your fork! They have turned their farm into an awesome artisan restaurant come farm shop come organic lifestyle store and cooking school - all terribly on trend don't you know!

Daylesford is all about the food, and I'm all about the burgers!

Sunshine and Supercars, any excuse to head back to the car park to make sure she's ok!

Mr JWW Ferrari F12

Little did I know we were arriving at Daylesford when they were hosting a little food festival. Epic for burgers, tricky for parking, but I managed to find an extra wide space at the back of the car park next to the pig pen! It's part and parcel of owning a supercar I suppose, sometimes having to go out of your way to find a friendly parking space and it's exactly why the F12 can't have it's paint protection film applied soon enough!  

Enough of the burgers - the sun was out and the tarmac was hot, it was the first time we'd had a chance to really open up the F12 - this thing is insanely fast but the beauty of the Innotech exhaust is it's ability to make a fantastic sound and low speeds. The stock exhaust on the F12 doesn't really start to sing unless you are really on it, and when you're on it in an F12 the chances are you're going bloody fast! So the Innotech allows you to tone down the pace but still enjoy the fabulous V12 symphony. I'm sure if Ferrari made the F12 sound like this fresh out of the factory they would sell more cars - the noise is intoxicating and something i'm definitely going to be covering in a separate video soon.