Bahrain By Night

Seeing as the blog is so new i'll be padding it out with a few cool events that happened earlier in the year and in no particular order! Once I get it up and running i'll stick with the flow of things but for now - here's my trip to Bahrain with a McLaren P1 and 991 GT3 amongst other things!

MrJWW Bahrain International Circuit

One of - if not the best thing about car culture - is the people you meet. I have been incredibly fortunate on my travels to meet some enthusiastic and seriously generous petrol heads, one of which invited myself and a friend out to Bahrain to drive his insanely awesome cars around the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) all night! And yes i said all night because it is so hot there during the day that track time is better in the evening...awesome.

And I thought Silverstone was far away! 

And I thought Silverstone was far away! 

It was my first time to Bahrain and within hours of being there I had met fantastic people, eaten great food and saturated myself in car talk while waiting for the sun to set before heading off to the track.

Bahrain Beaches
Bahrain Hotels

Cool car in the hotel car park - always a good sign!  First time I'd seen a BMW Gran Coupe on the road, these things have a great stance! Genuine Bentley Continental contender.

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