The NEW Ferrari 812 Superfast - From An F12 Owner's Point Of View

This year (2017) I have been incredibly fortunate to drive some of the world's best cars both old and new. At the beginning of the year I drove across Europe in a McLaren F1, in the Summer I was one of the first to sample the new McLaren 720S and even drove a Formula 1 car in the Autumn! However one of the cars that topped my interest the most was the new Ferrari 812 Superfast.

The significance of a new Ferrari V12 in it's self is of substantial magnitude, particularly as we approach the apex of naturally aspirated engines, however as a long term Ferrari F12 owner I was mostly interested to see how Ferrari could possibly evolve what I already thought was one of the best super GT's ever made. So here's how they did it and just what it feels like to drive...

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