MR08 JWW - Aston Martin DBX x JWW June 2021 - Current car


The JWW team are honoured to be invited to collaborate on a special edition Aston Martin DBX. By working closely with Q - Aston's special operations division - to create an exclusive DBX specification otherwise unachievable through conventional methods.

Taking Delivery Of My NEW Aston Martin DBX Special Project! Customer Car No.1 - YouTube

Over the course of 12 months working closely with Aston Martin, Q division and the JWW team, we developed an entirely bespoke model for the brand.

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DBX x JWW is the first and only Aston Martin DBX with an Alcantara interior, a material that embodies the racing heritage of Aston Martin and an interior that accentuates the sporting nature of the DBX as an outstandingly dynamic SUV.

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The body of the DBX is draped in an exclusive multi-layer paint using technology specifically developed for the Valkyrie hypercar programme. The paint is formulated from over fourteen individual compounds from rare natural Xirallic to rich pigments and pearlescent hues.

Spraying My NEW Aston Martin DBX In Valkyrie Paint Technology! - YouTube

In the companies 108 year history the Aston Martin badge has been altered just a few times. Together with the permission of Chief Design Director - Marek Reichman - the team developed totally exclusive Aston Martin 'Wings' badging to adorn the front and rear of the DBX - an unprecedented creation for the marque and a brand first.

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Together with traditional methods we further developed the interior experience using 3D printed solid aluminium components to surround the infotainment and central control bridge while enhancing the inner door handles with a tactile laser etching.

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The Aston Martin DBX x JWW is  now available for sale globally, we are proud to have reached customers in all corners of the globe with this special project and will continue to share adventures with our own car on the JWW YouTube channel.

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How it all began - The first test drive of the new Aston Martin DBX.

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