Praga R1 'Frank' June 2021 - Current car

JWW & Miles

The Praga R1 joined the channel as a full-time racing car which MrJWW and his Co-Pro Drive Miles Lacey entered in to the Britcar Endurance Championship as a supported drive in collaboration with the Praga factory racing team.

CRASHED! My Carbon Fibre Praga R1 Is In Pieces! - YouTube

The Praga R1 is a prototype format running a 4-cylinder Formula Renault engine generating 380hp. The car weighs just 640kg and with 1000kg downforce on a fresh set of racing slicks it is capable of developing 3G of cornering force on high speed circuits. 

Introducing My 1-Off Praga R1 Track Car On It’s Debut Race! - YouTube

James & Miles are racing the Praga R1 throughout 2021 with plans to develop the racing progamme over the coming months and in to 2022.

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The unqie attribute of this Praga R1 is it's distinctive livery designed by legendary automotive designer Frank Stephenson hence us nick-naming the car... 'Frank'

My NEW Praga R1 Racing Car Receives Designer Car Wrap! - YouTube

This is the first drive video at Donington with the revised aero package and finally some sunshine and a dry track to help generate some heat in the brakes and tyres!

FIRST DRIVE! In My NEW Praga R1 Racing Car! It's Crazy FAST! - YouTube