Your Perfect 5 Car Garage?

I have this conversation with my friends quite often. It usually goes something like, "One car. £80k. What's it going to be"? or "One daily driver. One hypercar. Go!" But lately the discussion has surrounded the perfect 5 car garage, and for some reason the value of each car is capped at a ludicrous £500k each - so no hypercars - you know, just to keep it within the realms of "reality"!

Now by all means you can go ahead and fill your garage to the max with 5 half a million pound supercars, but I look at the selection of cars as each having a purpose or to fit an tempting as it is to pack it full of rear engined craziness!

So i'm going to go ahead and share my perfect 5 car garage (as of November 2015) and the reasons behind each car. I want to hear what yours would be in the comments below or on Instagram under this shared post! @MrJWW - It always turns out some interesting answers! 

So, in no particular order...

1) Ferrari 458 Speciale

MrJWW Ferrari 458 Speciale

The Speciale sits as my hardcore paddle shift car of choice. Perfect for tearing up the alps on a cross continental road trip and one of the best cars I have driven for putting a smile on your face on track. It is the last naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 ever to be made, making it an instant classic and an appreciating asset. It has looks to kill, ultra sharp handling, incredible throttle response and a V8 that revs to 9,000! 

I once owned a 430 Scuderia and shortly after a 458 Italia, I often thought if Ferrari could harness the hardcore nature of the Scuderia together with the incredible dual clutch box, fantastic chassis and instant throttle response of the Italia it would be my perfect car...and they only went and bloody did it! And then some!

In the realms of Supercars Ferrari do exotic like no other. It is easy to want to compare Porsche with Ferrari and from a performance point of view that's totally on point. But for me the greatest trick of a Ferrari is feeling special even when you're going slow, hell - even when it's not turned on!

2) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

MrJWW Ferrari F12

First of all, a Ferrari V12 is typically the stuff of dreams, it is the holy grail of supercar engines and in the case of the F12 the most potent and fastest revving production V12 ever to come out of Maranello.

For me I have found the F12 to be 2 cars in one. It can effortlessly and comfortably cruise you to the south of France with plenty of room for luggage for you and the lady - with exotic materials surrounding you at every touch point of the car, from carbon to fine napa leather and in the case of my car - lots of alcantara, it is a stunning environment in which to travel.

On the other hand, with the flick of the manettino, the F12 becomes one of the fastest, most exciting and best sounding cars I have ever experienced (Especially with the IPE exhaust fitted), I will be doing a video dedicated to the sound of this F12 soon, but for the time being I can't say with enough enthusiasm just how freaking awesome this thing sounds! It truly has that ultra-exotic V12 'howl' that I associate with only the most exotic of engines.

With 730 naturally aspirated horse power under your right foot, further reinforced with over 500lb/ft of torque - the immediate swell off power is simply sensational. No wonder it laps Fiorano a good 2 seconds faster than even the Speciale, making it the fastest production car Ferrari has ever made. Just to be clear the LaFerrari is not classed as a production car - presumably due to such low production volume. The F12 then - is second in performance only to Ferrari's near unobtainable flagship hypercar. 

Oh, and did I mention it looks freaking awesome too!?

3) Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

MrJWW Porsche GT3 RS 4.0

The RS 4.0 would sit in my garage as 'the manual car'. I grew up driving manuals and there is something extra rewarding about executing the perfect heel-n-toe downshift. Outside of the fact manual cars are slowly dying out, I just think those three pedals and a stick open up a whole new world of skill and enjoyment and, if anything, jumping into a manual car also makes me further appreciate just how incredible the modern dual-clutch boxes are in the likes of the Speciale & F12. It would compliment them nicely! 

As a manual car I can't think of a much better example than the GT3 RS 4.0, I'm a big fan of the 3.8 RS and have spent quite a bit of time with a certain blue one you may have seen in my videos. So the thought of it being taken to 4 litres, pumped to almost 500bhp and having increased torque in the lower rev ranges (just where it needs it) really gets the racer in me excited! What makes this car even more awesome is that upon launch the RS4.0 was £128k a figure Porsche would not have been making a great deal of money on. In short then, this car was built just to realise the ultimate iteration of the 997 GT3's...just because they could.

With only 600 examples world wide ever being made, getting a RHD RS 4.0 suitable for the UK is now both extremely rare and extremely expensive! But it still fits under our ludicrous £500k rule!  

4) Audi RS6

MrJWW Audi RS6

Every garage needs a daily, and the RS6 would be my choice. 3.5 seconds to 60 is fast in any car, but in an estate car! That's a whole new thing! The RS6 has huge torque, it looks so beastly and sounds incredible - especially when it pops and bangs on the over run with the sports exhaust. Of course this is an Audi and is setup for all weathers with it's four-wheel-drive Quattro system, it has a massive boot for the hypothetical dog and you don't mind parking it anywhere, because as cool as it is - it's still an Audi, and they are rugged weapons!

I also love the fact that for all it's chunky styling it still radiates a sense of practicality to the outside world - until that is you burn off your local boy racer between collecting your shopping and picking up the in-laws. The RS6 is the first new RS model to have Audi's adaptive air suspension, meaning you are but a flick of the wrist away from comfort or dynamic driving, perfect for each of the scenarios above.  

In the space where the RS6 sits in the market, one of it's closest rivals, certainly in performance and purpose, is the Ferrari FF - and that will set you back over £150k more than a fully loaded RS6. Ok, so it's a Ferrari and it has that V12 - but remember this is the daily beater in your 5 car line up and you have other cars for exotica!

5) Singer 911

Singer 911

Number 5 was going to be a classic car, but in all honesty I like to drive the wheels off my cars and a classic would probably just sit there, looking nice, but taking up a space for something more deserving. 

This is where the Singer 911 comes in. A modern, ultra tuned sports car in the pumped up body of a classic 911. I'm not sure you get much better than that for this purpose? Singers are incredibly expensive, just squeezing under our £500k cap with the right options, crazy i know, but for a little perspective the right Singer 911 weighs in at just around 1200kg's and has been timed faster than the incredibly potent GT3 RS 4.0 mentioned above...Yeah. So while it looks like a well fettled, perfectly sculpted classic 911 - the reality of the underpinnings and original air cooled engine are something uniquely special and still incredibly purposeful. You are also looking at a 2 year waiting list for your perfect 911, so they are clearly doing something right! 

It is said that the car you drive says a lot about a person. Well, each Singer is a completely bespoke creation, made to order down to the finest and wildest details. There is no such thing as an 'off the shelf' Singer - and so to conclude the 5th space in my perfect garage - this would be the ultimate in personal automotive expression with the perfect blend of classic and contemporary to keep both passenger and driver grinning from ear to ear. 

So there it is, my perfect 5 car garage. No doubt this will change as time goes on but right now this would be the stuff of dreams!

Let me know what your 5 cars would be in the comments below or on Instagram...