What Is Supercar Ownership All About?

If you presented the facts and figures regarding the price, performance and maintenance of your average supercar to someone who simply isn't interested in cars, i'm quite confident they would look at you as if you were a complete mad man. Because lets face it - there is nothing rational, logical or reasonable about any figure associated with a supercar. 

McLaren P1

0-60 in how long? Why? 12mpg - what? 2 seats? How much for a set of tyres!!? Why would you want to go that fast!? Your insurance is how much!? You can get a Nissan Micra that will get you there just fine.

 No Micra's here...

No Micra's here...

I believe talking to a true petrol head is like talking with an art collector or a connoisseur of fashion, fine wine or horology. You could get a Jackson Pollock poster for a tenner, or a coat 'just like' that Dior one for a snip at M&S, and the local supermarket has 2-for-1 on a nice bottle of plonk and (my pet hate) I tell the time on my phone just fine....(shudder) But this isn't the point is it. It's far more emotional, less tangible and aligned with a lifestyle rather than pure consumerism.

MrJWW Ferrari

In fact of all of the above analogies - I find cars and watches to be the most relatable. The ownership of each is often closely in line with a lifestyle and passion rather than just the item it's self. Watches, like cars, reach a certain pedigree where it is no longer about telling the time or completing the daily commute - it is about a deeper level of appreciation for something more.

McLaren P1 MrJWW

On one hand it's about the engineering, the art, the design, emotion and quality, and each is almost always thoroughly stewed in inspiring history of both success and struggle and landmark innovation. In the case of  supercars it's the sort of struggle that creates legendary stories (Enzo, Ford, Senna, Moss, Fangio) and the level of innovation that has improved the world.

MrJWW Ferrari Job
MrJWW GoodWood Revival

On the other hand it's about indulging in the intangibles, the hard to explain and the seemingly pointless. What I mean by this is - a petrolhead will drive to no destination, just for the drive. Just as a true aficionado of horology wears a watch not simply to tell the time. It is a discerning indulgence into something more, something greater than the sum of it's parts. 

Gumball 300 New York
Gumball 3000 NewYork

Much like fashion and art, to surround yourself with such things is to indulge in your passions, satisfy your inquisitions and further your identity. Right now the incredulous amongst us will be thinking that this is all a load of nonsense - purely a display of wealth and a reach for attention. But I imagine the people thinking that also have passions and care about 'nice things' too and almost certainly have an interest they would wish to indulge themselves in to the last degree should they be presented with the opportunity?

Supercars MrJWW

A unique aspect of supercar ownership is what is simply known as "The Road Trip". What I mentioned earlier about driving simply for the pleasure of driving is elevated to an entirely different echelon when you put the perfect car on the perfect road, together with a great set of friends and like-minded enthusiasts in similarly exotic cars. This topic in it's self deserves an entire blog dedicated to the fusion of adventure and automobiles. The camaraderie is something to behold, the memories life long and the discovery all the more enhanced as your sensory perceptions are wrung out to 11 thanks to you being strapped into your perfect car - a visceral machine of high octane emotion.  

MrJWW Supercar tour
MrJWW Roadtrip
MrJWW Supercars in the alps
MrJWW Monaco

So what is Supercar ownership all about? Well of course to a degree it will differ from owner to owner but I'm confident in saying that for one reason or another, for all of us it has become a lifestyle of passion and thrills and something that for me at least has enriched my life by an immeasurable amount thanks to the like-minded people I have met along the way - and this is the key point...

MrJWW Ferarri F40
MrJWW Audi R8

Life is all about the people you meet along the way and whatever your passions are, when you indulge in them beyond simple ownership you meet great people, make life-long friends and - in this instance - your supercar will quite literally take you on journeys you never thought possible.  

MrJWW GoodWood Revival
Supercar Friends
MrJWW Trackday
MrJWW Gumball 3000
MrJWW McLaren
MrJWW Speciale Ferrari.JPG
Weismann MFGT5