So You've Got Your Dream Car. Now What?

Typically, by way of my friends and associates, the discussion and understanding of cars (and the associated lifestyle) is taken for granted. However, the other day I was having a chat with someone several decades my senior and not remotely interested in cars, who had discovered I'd recently spent quite a lot of money on "one of those fast cars" (the Speciale). While I began to explain a little about this "fast car" and try to even remotely begin to justify why these things are so expensive - I could see him gearing up for his next question. Which went a little something like...

"So, you've got this car in the what"?

What he meant by this was - now what do you do with the car? Honestly, in the immediate moment he asked me that, I was for a nano second slightly stumped! 

However, I wasn't stumbling for reasons you may think. I wasn't thinking - yeah actually, now what? The question that had just been asked was rattling around my head and bouncing off all the topics and reasons as to why a good chunk of my life exists solely because of Supercars. I quite literally did not know where to begin for abundance of options as opposed to sheer bafflement.

Firstly, for someone so far removed from even the slightest appreciation for Supercars I thought no matter what I say, this is going to be a hard sell. Do I talk about the engineering and the design of the car? Do I discuss the technologies and history of the brand? Maybe I focus on the lifestyle and the great people I have met along the way, or maybe I tell him just how simply fantastic such a visceral vehicle makes you feel?  

What I actually ended up delivering was a recollection of a few Gumball 3000 memories together with a recent road trip I did earlier this year on the 'Where's Shmee Tour'. Both traversed several countries in little over a week, exploring the best driving roads in Europe whilst sweeping through stunning alpine scenery, all together with a convoy of friends and like minded petrol heads, laughing and joking our way across the continent in machines so awesome they put a constant smile on your face and goosebumps on your skin. Especially when a symphony of Supercar exhausts resonate off the inside of tunnel walls...It's an epic experience!

Gumball SLS MrJWW

So to address the "Now what"? For me this is like asking a cyclist - you have your dream bike now what? A photographer - you've got your dream camera now what? A musician with a new get the gist.

Road Trip saturate yourself further into the lifestyle that develops with these things. Now, you broaden your spectrum of appreciation for your passion, you take yourself furthermore to new places and you develop a fuller bodied understanding of your interests as you get to experience the best of these things first hand - through ownership.

I hate to use the cliche but "it's a way of life". 

Gumball MrJWW

Furthermore each of your experiences along the way will be accompanied by your favourite new 'instrument' - which in the instance of the Supercar is an instrument of extremes in every facet. Making every journey an event rather than a commute.  

MrJWW Monaco

However in my experience - by far the best thing about the entire process is the people you meet along the way. Some of my best friends, my most memorable experiences and even meeting my soul mate has been the direct result of cars. And that ladies and gentleman - is the now what.

A few more images to sum up the fun...

gumball ferry
Gumball Range Rover
Bahrain track night
MrJWW Track day Speciale
Bahrain bugatti
The choices
mrjww supercars
mr jww supercars
in a ferrari boot
motorworld germany
Ferrari Wedding
weismann mf gt 5
aaron wild 1
deadmau5 gumball 3000
Evo Triangle MrJWW
Shmee on Track with MrJWW