Better Getta Berlinetta. An Introduction To The F12

I'm not going to beat around the bush, the Ferrari F12 is - at times - insane. At Ferrari the F12 is from a different division to it's V8 brothers and by all indication the engineers who worked on this car are from a different division too - a different planet even! Whoever got hold of the engine is a spectacular loony. 730bhp and naturally aspirated, rear wheel drive and weighing in less than your average 3 Series BMW, needless to goes well.

If ever there was an example of a vehicle being "like 2 cars in one" I think the F12 demonstrates it quite well. While it can be driven as docile as you like, in automatic with "bumpy road" mode engaged to iron out any creases in the asphalt - at quite literally the flick of a switch (The Manettino) and a little more throttle depression - the F12 becomes something quite fantastically frantic, with a deeply satisfying V12 howl following you everywhere you go. But you're also gifted with a boot that is actually pretty descent, far more practical than my R8 (not that hard to be fair) but more inline with a decent hatchback. And this is why there is now an F12 in my drive.

Enough of the F12 in general, there are plenty of reviews out there for that - this is an opportunity for me to introduce my F12 to you, that time permitting, will hopefully feature in videos and blog posts in the near future and become a car you may get to know well. 

The Specification

F12's do come with an ample amount of kit from the word go, even by Ferrari standards, but the options list on all modern Ferraris is quite ridiculous and the options on this car demonstrates that to a degree. There are not too many areas on this car that have not been personalised. After all, one of the prime luxuries of ordering a Ferrari is making it your own so why not personalise everything you can!?

The colour is Rosso Berlinetta, this is quite a special colour because not only is it a triple layer paint which typically takes 3 times longer than normal paint to prep and finish - but it was a colour developed and launched specifically for the F12 Berlinetta and as such it is designed to show off it's curves with maximum effect. It does this very well - giving exaggerated highlights to the extremities of the car and deep rich reds to any concave or shaded areas. It changes too and alters the look and 'mood' of the car in different lights.

In bright sunshine it shimmers with a sophisticated level of metallic reflection and even displays hues of orange on the ultra high spots such as the outer apex of the wheel arches and along the lip of the boot.

On overcast days or under shade/indoors it turns a deeper almost cherry red at times, it's pretty cool to witness and adds another level of character to a car already saturated in Italian flamboyance. 

The wheels are upgraded to a forged performance alloy and painted in a gloss black finish. It was originally spec'd with carbon fibre centre wheel caps but I had those swapped out to standard yellow caps to better compliment the yellow callipers and tie it all together with the Scuderia shields. 

The outside of the car also has a light smattering of carbon too, with the front splitter being upgraded and parts of the rear diffuser having the horizontal louvers in carbon fibre, these come in black plastic as standard, though such is the nature of the car that I think it needs a bit of carbon on the outside for both improved aesthetics but also as a nod to it's performance.

The tinted windows were added after the car arrived so not as a factory option, the side windows are just right but the rear glass over the boot is perhaps a little too dark for my liking  - in daylight it isn't too bad but in the evening seeing out of it through the rear view mirror can be a bit darker than I'd like, I might swap it out for a lighter tint in the future.

The Exhaust!

The most significant upgrade to this car however is the Innotech F1 Performance Exhaust (IPE) of which you can hear more of it's sexual symphony that this pipe produces in the video below. It is a savage instrument of joy that is intoxicating beyond description - it is something that for me has elevated the F12 from a fantastic car to something I am actually in love with!

 Exhaust approval! 

Exhaust approval! 

From an aesthetic point of view it has added these awesome tail pipes that people quite rightly refer to as "fighter jet engines" that was IPE's inspiration after all.

 Top Gun!

Top Gun!

To The Inside!

Where to start!? Inside is where the options get out of hand quite frankly. So, the dominant theme here is black & cream or as Ferrari would refer to it "Nero & Crema" The seats, dash, doors, tunnel, lower dash and rear luggage shelf are clad in a purposeful mix of matching Crema leather and alcantara. Alcantara in the middle of the seats to stop you slipping around in them when you're 'on it' and leather on the outer bolsters for the touch of luxury this car deserves. It is after all predominantly a GT car.

Ferrari F12 Interior

A nightmare for jean stain you might say? And yes you would be right - the seats are coated with some pretty handy protection spray to help prevent stains but it is still not ideal! The biggest pain is if you have light coloured stitching though - if jean stain gets in the stitching it is really hard to get out. Luckily, this is black contrast stitching, so we're all good!

Elsewhere in the interior most of the hard stuff is nearly all carbon, the control 'bridge' over the central tunnel where 'Reverse, Auto & Launch Control' live - is a great contrast coated in carbon and matches nicely with the carbon wheel, mounted with shift lights. There are some nice carbon touches behind the seats also where you can put bags etc.

Hi-Fi and speakers are an upgrade to JBL (A Ferrari factory option, not aftermarket) but honestly since owning this car I have listened to the radio twice - the exhaust hit's a better note than Adele at the Grammys so there is no desire to listen to anything else! 

Check out my video below - 10 Things I Love About The F12 - for a more in depth look at the car and if you have any questions let me know in the comments below!